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Client PC has multiple IPs

Sometimes CCBoot clients can get multiple IPs. One from CCBoot DHCP server and one from other sources (Figure 1).

Advanced TCP/IP Settings

Figure 1

When this happens, clients can still boot normally but sometimes may have issues when booting. If the client has issue booting then we need to solve this.

To solve this issue.

  1.  Make sure that there are no other DHCP running on your network and only CCBoot DHCP server is running. If there are any, please disable them (specially router DHCP).
  2.  If the client has issue booting then check that DHCP is enabled in the client PC. Please refer to "Set the DHCP client" for a solution.
  3.  Install the latest version of CCBoot on your client in super client mode. The latest version has a patch for windows 7 which fixed the multiple IP issue.

Note: You need to have Windows update enabled when you install the new version. If you have windows update disabled, then the Windows 7 patch will not be installed and the multiple IP issue will persist.

  1.  Set static IP in the client before you upload the image.

Note: Setting static IP is applicable for newer versions of CCBoot and is not for version older than 20160729