Wiki Home Server installation Work as CCDISK

Work as CCDISK

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As our other products have transitioned to the cloud, it's now time for CCDisk to receive an upgrade as well. Starting from version 2023 0824, CCBootCloud and CCDisk are integrated within the cloud panel.

Here are the notable changes:

1.CCDisk now shares the same server-side setup as CCBootCloud. However, it has its distinct client-side setup, which can be located and downloaded from the settings page under installation links.

2.Similar to CCBootCloud, CCDisk is managed from the Cloud panel, albeit with differing settings due to their distinct functionalities.

3.The cloud panel section dedicated to CCDisk is labeled "Disk," whereas the corresponding section for CCBootCloud is labeled "Boot."

Transitioning between CCBootCloud and CCDisk can be accomplished through the following steps:

To change from CCBoot to CCDisk or visa versa done by settings

1.Go to settings - center settings - PXE boot service (Figure 1)

  a.Enable = CCBoot is enabled

  b.Disable = CCDisk is enabled

Figure 1

2.The page will change from Boot to Disk once disabled include the settings inside. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

3.The setup files can be found at settings - install links - CCDisk client. (Figure 3)

Figure 3