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Server Network requirements

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  1. We recommend utilizing Intel or Realtek network cards for optimal performance.
    For 20-30 PCs, it's recommended to use 3-5GB ports (1GB x 5 or 2.5GB x 2) on the server.
    For 30 or more PCs, utilize a 10GB port on the server.
  2. To achieve the best performance, use CAT 6 cables. For smaller deployments of 10-20 PCs, CAT 5e cables can be used.
  3. You can use either unmanaged or managed network switches. For those with limited experience, unmanaged switches are easier to handle.
    1x 10GB port for a 10GB connection from the server and 1GB or 2.5GB port for clients.
    1x 1GB port for a 1GB connection from the server and 1GB port for clients.
    1x 2.5GB port for a 2.5GB connection from the server and 1GB or 2.5GB for clients.

  • Avoid 10gb spf+ Marvell AQtion Felicity¬†the network card bring very low performance.
  • Avoid PCI gigabit ethernet cards for enhanced client bandwidth. Opt for PCIe gigabit ethernet cards instead. PCIe cards offer superior bandwidth compared to PCI cards, providing better performance when adding more NICs.