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Network of 2.5GB and 10gb

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  1. Recently, it has become increasingly easier to find network ports with speeds of 2.5GB and 10GB, both for servers and switches.
  2. For server configurations, it's advisable to utilize 10GB ports on both the server and the switch. Given the role of servers in continuously sending and receiving data from client PCs, having higher speeds, such as 10GB, is recommended. If there are more than 50 PCs, employing 2x 10GB ports on the server can be particularly beneficial.
  3. When it comes to hardware, we suggest opting for Intel or Realtek products while avoiding other brands. An example of a suitable 2x 10GB adapter is the Intel x520.
  4. For client-side setups, employing 2.5GB ports on both the client and the switch is recommended. Motherboards with built-in 2.5GB ports are increasingly available, and transitioning from 1GB to 2.5GB can significantly enhance read and write speeds. A 2.5GB port can achieve speeds of up to 300Mbps, compared to the maximum of 120Mbps for a 1GB port. It's essential to ensure that the switch also supports both 10GB and 2.5GB ports for seamless integration.
  5. Speed performance on a 2.5gb realtek card and 2.5gb switch port , CCBootCloud server port is 10gb. (Figure 1)

Figure 1