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Call center example

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Among our customers, there are few who use CCBootCloud in their Call Center. Here is how they are using it.

(Random Call Center)

Server hardware (48 Pcs)

HP z440 Desktop PC


NIC: 4 x 10gbe Intel NIC

Disks: 2 x 256GB SSD (Writeback disk) , 1 x 256 GB SSD (Image disk), 1 x 1TB HDD shared disk, 1 x 256 GB SSD (System OS)

Switch: Cisco 48 Gigabit

Client hardware

Mix of HP, Dell, Lenovo workstations


Server is connected to the switch’s 4 x 10gbe sfp+ using the 4 x 10gbe nic using sfp+ cable giving the server a total of 40 gbps bandwidth for clients use.

Clients are connected to the switch using 1gbe cat 6 cable.

CCBoot cloud installed on Windows Server 2019 with 4 x 10gbe nic in teaming

Image created from Windows 10 build 21H2 with latest updates and required programs like Chrome, Office (Word, excel, powerpoint), OneDrive, Google Drive, and mounted network shared disk as Z:.

Persisting user’s data

Since CCBootCloud will clear out all data on the client PC when it restarts, the mounted network share disk Z: is used to save files created from office applications as well as files that the call center agent needs to save for future use.

Similarly, the agents can login to their OneDrive or Google Drive account to access their files as well as upload files they need to cloud.

This way they can retain files without losing them when the computer is restarted.