Thin Client Solution For Enterprise

CCBoot Diskless Boot and Thin Client Solution for Enterprise

Thin Client Software Solution from allows iscsi boot and diskless boot Windows 7 and XP from a thin client server remotely on the LAN with PXE boot technology. It not only works for Internet cafes' thin PCs, but also a great help in enterprise, such as join domain, quick recovery, unified management and so on. Download CCBoot Enterprise Solution PPT


No More Buying Hard Drives

Client PCs don’t need a hard drive… this alone could save you THOUSANDS of dollars.

No More Viruses, Trojans, and Spyware

The system will be restored after every reboot, leaving your PCs in a clean state at all times.

Easy Updates

When the “master” PC is updated, the rest of the PCs on the LAN will update with a simple reboot.

Save Money On Human Resources

One person can handle updates, maintenance, and software rollouts that used to take multiple people hours… or days.

Energy Conserving

Up to 40% energy could be saved, which is environmental and energy-saving.

Efficient Cache Equipped

Equipped with good cache performance, physical memory, and SSD cache support.

Windows Domain

Works perfectly with Windows domain. Login with your domain account, and then load and store personal data on the personal disk.

Easy Restore Points

Set restore points such as create recovery, merge to last, and restore to last. This makes it easier to fix problems and maximize performance.

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