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PCs CCBootCloud iCafeCloud CCBootCloud + iCafeCloud CCBoot Classic
10 - 25 PCs USD 6 /PC monthly USD 1 /PC monthly USD 7 /PC monthly USD 6 /PC monthly
26 - 60 PCs USD 5 /PC monthly USD 1 /PC monthly USD 6 /PC monthly USD 5 /PC monthly
61 + PCs USD 4 /PC monthly USD 1 /PC monthly USD 5 /PC monthly USD 4 /PC monthly
Monthly Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC
Annual(10% discount) Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC Buy/Renew/Add PC

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GameSync Esports Centers & Consulting Services

  • Agragati Siegel
  • 8585229434
  • agragati@gamesync.gg
  • https://gamesync.us/esports-lan-gaming-center-consultation/
  • sandiegopchelp
  • 7370 Opportunity Road, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92111

The Grid Systems, Inc.

  • Albert Martinez
  • 9092577060
  • albert@gridsystemsinc.com
  • http://www.gridsystemsinc.com
  • albertm001
  • 3060 Chino Ave., Unit C

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Frequently Asked Questions

(if you have questions not answered below, please contact us)

How do I determine how many licenses I need?

The license is based on how many client PC's you have. So, if you have 20 clients, you need to purchase 20 user licenses.

I need help using one of these products. Where can I get help?

You can consult our extensive support documentation, speak to a live chat operator, or you can signup for our Setup Service where we remotely configure your server. You will need to create client image, setup CCBoot server application and install the remote control software.

You can also contact a local value added reseller.

Can I use my license on more than one server?

No. A license key can only be used on one server at a time. If you wish to use your server on another PC, you can unlock the license and then activate it on the new server.

Please refer the license policy for more details about the license.

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