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How to add PCs

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To add additional PCs to your existing license, please follow these steps on the purchase website associated with your current plan:

  1. To add PCs, please select the "renew" option rather than other options.

  1. Find the "License" field and input the current license you are using.

  1. Once you've entered your license details, proceed by clicking the "Update" button.

  1.  In the "PC numbers" field, the current number of PCs will be displayed. Adjacent to it is a blue icon labeled "Change PCs." Click on this icon to unlock the PC numbers, enabling you to make adjustments.

  1.  You can then add or remove PCs as needed. Click the "Update" button, and the system will automatically calculate the new pricing based on your changes.

  1. The system will automatically adjust the expiration date based on the number of PCs associated with the license.

For example,

If a license currently covers 10 PCs and is valid for one month, a renewal with a change to 20 PCs will extend the expiration time by an additional 0.5 months.

Conversely, if the license presently covers 20 PCs and is valid for one month, a renewal with a change to 10 PCs will result in an extension of the expiration time by an additional 2 months.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly expand or decrease the number of PCs covered by your license.

Figure 1