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Network requirements

For better performance, we recommend the Gigabit network environment (Server & Client NICs and Switches).

  1. Normal or advanced router is OK. It only affects the Internet speed. But most routers have built-in DHCP service. It will conflict with CCBoot DHCP service. You have to disable the DHCP service on the router.
  2. Switch should be 1Gbps speed. If the switch is a smart switch, you need to disable the "flow control" option in the switch settings. This option will reduce the diskless boot speed. We recommend CISCO and HUAWEI switches.
  3. CAT-5, CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables are all supported. But we recommend you to use CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable. CAT-5 cable has "far end crosstalk" problem and it will cause packet loss.
  4. Unmanaged network switches, "TP-link, Toto-link, Pro-link, D-Link" These network switches are plug in and play no configuration required.
  5. Routers with QoS function available, it will permit you to use a bandwidth monitor to check for the download currently active on the specific system.