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Upload image failed

For CCBootCloud, image upload is handled using Disk2VHD tool, which is then used to upload the image to a shared folder on the server.

  1. Shared folder inaccessible

If there is some issue accessing the shared folder then you will see the following error (Figure 1).

Figure 1

To fix the shared folder access, make sure the service “Lanmanworkstation” is set to “Automatic” startup and running (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Note: Firewall rules may also prevent access to the shared folder, so disable firewall rule or firewall to access the shared folder.

Make sure that you can access the “CCBootShare '' folder on the server from the client. If the shared folder is not accessible then image upload cannot proceed.

  1. Volume Shadow Services disabled

Disk2VHD uses the volume shadow copy to create an image, if the “vss” service is disabled then you will get the following error.

Figure 3

To fix the issue, set the “vss” service to start “Automatic” in “Services” (Figure 4)

Figure 4