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Single image boot different PCs

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One image for PCs with different GPUs

You might get drivers issues when there are graphics cards of the same brand (let's say Nvidia) but different versions in different PCs. In this case, create and use hardware profiles , please refer to  Hardware profile. 

Also, when a pop up the message of "Installing PNP Driver for New Hardware" appears (Windows 7)or shows "Getting Devices Ready" (windows 10) screen during boot in a client pc with different hardware specifications.


To add multiple NIC drivers to the image  you should use the NIC PNP tool, so a single image can boot PCs with different motherboards. NIC PNP function can be used for adding or removing the NIC drivers as well.

We recommend using this function from the cloud side.

There are 3 methods for NIC PNP. They are:

Edit NIC drivers

Edit NIC drivers function is used for adding necessary drivers available as well as removing unwanted drivers in the image.

Refer to Edit NIC drivers to perform this operation.

Add from inf

Add from inf function is used to add necessary NIC drivers to the image from the inf file. You can get the inf files from the NIC vendor's site.

Refer to Add from inf to perform this operation.

Add from local

Add from local function is used to add the NIC drivers installed in any PC to an image.

Refer to Add from local to perform this operation.

PNP for windows 10 1903 and above

In case you use Windows 10 1903 and above, you need to install the windows on HDD, boot the client with the HDD, download and install the NIC drivers from the vendors site (Realtek or Intel)  and use the “Add from local” function to add new PC to boot image.