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Create VHD USB

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Another simple way to make a client image is to use the “Create VHD USB” tool.

With the latest CCBootCloud version the VHD tool is updated also and now supports creation of UEFI VHD also.

So, let’s see how to make image

  1. Open “Create VHD USB” tool from the “Tools” menu (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  1. On the “Create VHD USB” windows, click the "…” button to choose the image file for Windows “install.wim” or “install.esd” file (Figure 2).

Note: Mount the windows.iso file and it will show as DVD file then inside you can find at Sources/install.wim

Figure 2

  1. Once you have chosen the Windows image, choose your desired windows version from the dropdown (windows pro) and select the USB Drive that you want to make Windows bootable and click “Create” button(Figure 3).

Figure 3

  1. Now, the tool will proceed and make the USB drive bootable with windows.

Note: We recommend using USB 3.0 USB drives as they are faster than other USB drives (USB 2.0) .

Note: This method can be used to make an external SSD (USB 3.0) bootable as well.

  1. Once the process is completed, connect the USB drive to one of your clients then let it boot.
  2. Once you finish with drivers remove the USB from client and connect at server. Copy the VHD from USB to your image disk and choose the new VHD as boot options on admin panel
  3. The client will boot the image from VHD after that you can use super client to setup the rest.

Note: You can connect the USB drive to all the different hardware specifications and install their drivers, and once done, copy the new VHD on server image disk again.