Wiki Home Installation Preparation



Please use the 64-bit version of OS, if you plan to use other OS than Windows Server OS as CCBoot server system platform.

  1. All hard disks should be formatted as NTFS. When format drives, please set "Allocation unit size" as "Default" for server OS system drive, and set "Allocation unit size" as "32K" for other drives.
  2. Allocate hard disks for image, game (raid 0) and writeback (2-3 hard disks). If you have an SSD disk, please format it to only one partition for cache. Make sure that there are no other DHCP services on the LAN. In Particular, please disable the DHCP service in the router.

Note: Allocation units also play a significant role in game performance, as we have found some games will experience lag if allocation unit is 4K, after changing to 32K the lag experienced was resolved.