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Error logs about disk

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The following provides detailed instructions on troubleshooting and resolving various issues related to Disk within the context of using CCBootCloud

  1. *** ERROR *** open write-back file? false process mem 50m threads 10
    Error log of the write-back disk, possible reasons:
    If the file of the writeback disk has error, for example, a blackout of power will cause the error of the writeback files. If the service needs to be stopped, reformat the write-back disk and restart the service.
    If the write-back disk brakes, a new one shall take the place of it…
    If the room of the write-back memory is not enough, a bigger one shall take the place of it.
  2. *** ERROR *** file_read error 38 process mem 683M threads 41 getlasterror=38: Reached the end of the file
    Normally, it indicates the writeback disk is full at that time.
  3. 14:06:00 Cannot connect to the control service
    If this error is logged, then please re-install CCBootCloud once and make sure to reboot when CCBootCloud asks you to reboot.
  4. "getlasterror=1392: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."
    This error may be because the disk is broken, please chkdsk or reformat the disk. Or it may because the disk is full at that time.
  5.  13:15:01 *** ERROR *** file_write error process mem 443M threads 19 getlasterror=112: (null)
  6. 13:15:01 *** ERROR *** file_read error 38 process mem 443M threads 19 getlasterror=38: (null)
    This problem may be related to write-back disk problems. Maybe the write-back disk is small or broken. Please replace a new larger HDD for the write-back disk and try again.
  7. 13:24:36 *** ERROR *** file_write 1 error 112 reason: 0x70 Insufficient disk space.
  8. 13:24:36 *** ERROR *** file_read 1 error 38 reason: 0x26 has reached the end of the file.
    This error is caused when the writeback disk is full. To solve this, increase the size of the writeback disk or delete writeback files
  9. 07:25:29 *** ERROR *** file_open E:\Win7.vhd error 3 reason: 0x3 The system cannot find the path specified.
    07:25:29 *** ERROR *** Open E:\Win7.vhd failed
    07:25:29 *** ERROR *** file_open E:\Window10.vhd error 3 reason: 0x3 The system cannot find the path specified.
    07:25:29 *** ERROR *** Open E:\Window10.vhd failed
    This error means that the mentioned image file is not present in the path. This happens when you have changed server and settings are not set correctly. Set the image path correctly to resolve this issue.
  10. 07:43:57 *** ERROR *** file_open E:\Win7.vhd.Super.vhd error 3 reason: 0x3 The system cannot find the path specified.
    07:43:57 *** ERROR *** Create image E:\Win7.vhd.Super.vhd failed
    This error occurs when the image file is not located on the image path and you try to super client that image on a client. To resolve this, set the image path correctly.
  11. 15:06:38 *** ERROR *** Open image E:\Win7 failed: The file is already in use
    For these errors, please check if the image is mounted on windows or not. if the files are mounted then unmount them from the windows.
  12. 10:12:44 *** ERROR *** file_read 0 error 6 reason: 0x6 The handle is invalid.
    The above error occurs when you enable super client to game disk when you have client running from the CCBoot.
    Solution: To solve this, turn of all the other client before enabling super client to the game disk.
  13. 17:22:33 *** ERROR *** file_open \\.\D: error 2 reason: 0x2 The system cannot find the file specified.
    17:22:33 *** ERROR *** Open \\.\D: failed
    17:22:33 *** ERROR *** disconnect: InitDisk (E:\win764ru_vip.vhd;\\.\D:;)failed
    This error meant that the drive D: is not working in the system or is uninitialized or broken
    Solution: format the drive again and add to the CCBoot, if the error repeats again, then better to replace the disk that the drive belongs to.
  14. 16:19:07 *** ERROR *** file_read 0 Unknown error 6 [F:] 150.53G(free)/232.37G(total) [H:] 131.09G(free)/232.37G(total) reason: 0x6 The handle is invalid
    This error denotes that the writeback disk has corrupt data and is not able to overwrite it with new writeback data from the client.
    Stop CCBoot service, then delete all the writeback data from the writeback disk. If any writeback data is not deleted that means there is corrupt data. To fix it, format the writeback disk to clear the corrupted data from the writeback disk.