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TFTP Open Timeout Error

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The following provides troubleshooting steps for resolving "TFTP open timeout" errors during diskless booting in CCBootCloud

When trying to diskless boot a client, it stops booting by giving the following message on the screen.

PXE-E32:TFTP open timeout

PXE-E32:TFTP open timeout

PXE-E32:TFTP open timeout

PXE-M0F:Exiting PXE ROM.


When CCBoot server starts sometime it is not able to get IP from server NIC to set in CCBoot as DHCP/TFTP server IP. This leads to "TFTP open timeout" error.

  1. Just restart CCBoot service to fix it.
  2. If this problem is about network optimization, please re-enable large send offload (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  1. Try to downgrade the BIOS and Realtek boot agent version. For example, downgrade Realtek boot agent v.2.32 to v.2.24.
  2. Try to disable your router's DHCP and the CCBoot server should only be your DHCP provider.
  3. If Router’s DHCP Server cannot be disabled on your network, then try to adjust your routers IP range assignment far from your CCBoot start and end IP range, sometimes this can also cause “PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout” error.
  4. When CCbootCloud server does not have a connection for a few hours to the cloud, check your firewall and internet connection on the server side. The CCBootCloud server status should have a green color (Figure 2).

Figure 2