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Failure of booting from network

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The following outlines common reasons why network booting can fail in CCBootCloud

  • List of reasons that booting from network can fail

  1. The first booting item in the BIOS is not "boot from network".
  2. The electricity in the BIOS battery is not enough.
  3. The BIOS setup is in a mess, please reset up the BIOS.
  4. Because of the humid climate, the connection between the RAM and main board is not good. Please wipe the gold fingers in the RAM.
  5. The network cable is not well plugged.
  6. Sometimes the client does not boot, even after checking all possibilities in the server. This means the issue is with the network switch, you need to power cycle the switch (turn off/ on) once. After that clients will boot fine. If this happens frequently. We recommend replacing the switch with a better one.
  7. Clients will fail to boot if the IP address of the client PC is conflicted with another PC or device (WiFi Extender, router, or mobile devices). If this happens please change the IP of the devices and reboot the client.