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How to Solve Client Lag and Unsmooth

2017/06/29 22:39

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

1. Cause of the client

For the problems caused by the client itself, the causes can be found in the following aspects:

Causes of the client network card

1) Network card brand: the network card is divided into 100Mbps network card, 1000Mbps network card, independent network card and integrated network card. The 1000Mbps network card is better than the 100Mbps network card. The independent network card is better than the integrated network card. The diskless systems are recommended to use the 1000Mbps network card, for example, the Realtek 8111 series, Realtek 8169 series, the NF, Atheros brands are not recommended.

2) Network card driver: The same network card differs in performance if using different drivers.

3) Optimization of network card: The optimization methods of different network cards have great influence on the performance of client. Please refer to "CCBoot client system optimization" for details.

4) If the client has virus the it will use up all system resources, CPU and RAM and cause the client to slow down and lag while playing games:

To fix this, run virus scan on the image using antivirus program or delete the file infected by the virus and re install the files

Cause of the client write-back speed

1) CCBoot software can use the client's RAM to set up the client write cache. Please refer to the "Client Cache" chapter.

2) CCBoot can identify the remained physical RAM which can be used to set up the client write cache (Please refer to the "RAM above 4 G of the client" for details).

Problem of the image package

If the image package is not optimized, it will cause the lag on the client. Please refer to the "CCBoot client system optimization" for optimizing client before image upload.

2. Cause of server

1) The server system is not optimized (Please refer to the article of "Server Optimization" and the video of "CCBoot v3.0 Server's Operation System Optimization" for details).

2) The network card of the server is not optimized (Please refer to the "optimization of the server network" for details).

3) The hard disk speed of the server influences directly the client. Use the HDTune tool to test the speed of the hard disk of the server. If the speed is less than 100 MB/s, then it should be replaced into a faster hard disk.

4) The all disk should be formatted NTFS with 32K allocation unit..

5) The idleness rate of the disk influences greatly on the smoothness of the client. Use the CCBoot to "check the disk performance" and the load and cluster size can be checked.

Use the CCBoot to check the disk performance, and the procedures are as follows:

1) Click the "Disk Manager" node on the CCBoot UI (Figure 1‑1).

Figure 1‑1

2) In the right side, note the "Cluster" and idle (%).


In the diagram above, the second indicator shows the idleness rate of the disk. The bigger the percentage is, the smaller the load pressure of the disk is. The first indicator shows the size of the cluster. The recommended size is 32K.

If the idleness of any of the disk is lower than 70% for a long time, then you need to redo the cache settings and optimize the RAM cache for each disk. Normally increasing the RAM cache size helps.(For details, please refer to "Server Cache Settings").

3. Cause of the network

Problem of the quality of the switch

1) The quality of the main switch and the sub switch's hardware can influence the speed of the client directly.

2) If the switch is aging, a new switch is needed to replace it.

The setup of the parameters of switch

1) Smart switches have flow control function, which can influence the speed of client, so the function should be disabled.

2) Some advanced routers have the flow control and terminal control function, these should also be disabled.

Problem of the Internet

1) The test of the hard disk speed of the client has two kinds of situations: The first kind is to use the switch to test the hard disk speed of the client that connected to server with switch. The other kind is to connect the client with the server directly without the switch to test the hard disk speed of the client. By comparing the test results, so we can check whether it’s the problem of the network.

2) Use HDTune tools to test the speed of the client game disk and the system disk. If the hard disk speed of the client can’t reach 20MB/S, then the cause of lag is the network.

4. Cause of the third party software

Because of the third party software, the browse of the web by the client can slow down and the web games will not be smooth.

If the latest "Thunder Kankan" software is installed, the operation of the client will not be smooth. If the third party software is needed to be installed, then the following procedures can be referred to:

1) Boot one client with super client.

2) After boot the diskless client, install the latest "Thunder Kankan" and reboot the client.

3) After reboot the client, offload the "Thunder Kankan" player, reboot the client and shut off the client.

4) Disable the super user on the CCBoot server.

After booting the client diskless, the Thunder Kankan player doesn’t exit, but the plugins of Thunder Kankan still remain in the system, which doesn’t influence watching films online, but playing web games can be unsmooth.

Some software caused big write-back data. You can find and stop/remove them. Please refer to "Find Large Write-back Speed Program"


Find Large Write-back Speed Program