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CCBoot Client Upgrade Steps

2017/04/19 11:01

Watch the video: How to upgrade CCBoot server and client

Note: If you want to downgrade to older version, then follow below steps with older version setup file.

1) Enable super client for a PC (such as PC101).

2) Diskless boot PC101.

3) On PC101, install the latest version of CCBoot client program.

a.     Run the CCBoot Setup Package, you will be asked if you want to uninstall old version. Click “Yes” to continue (Figure 1).

uninstall old

Figure 1

b.    On the setup wizard, click “Next” to continue (Figure 2).

start install

Figure 2

c.     Choose “CCBoot Client Installation” and click “Next” to continue (Figure 3).

client installation

Figure 3

4) Now, click “Next” until the installation starts. And once the installation completes, in the final wizard, check the “Launch CCBoot Client” check box and click “Next”(Figure 4).

install complete

Figure 4

Note: Sometime the CCBoot service needs to be stopped before you can proceed with the update. If CCBoot service is not stopped properly then uninstall process cannot complete. Thus, will prevent from updating to new version.

5) Now, it will open CCBoot Client application, with a prompt to start installation of “CCBoot Client”, click the "Yes" button (Figure 5).

client install start

Figure 5

6) Now, CCBoot Client will be installed (Figure 6)

client installing

Figure 6

7) After CCBoot Client is installed, NIC Drivers dialog box will open, here tick the “Select All” check box and click “OK” after that. It will install all the NIC PNP drivers to the image (Figure 7)

NIC Pnp drivers

Figure 7


* Even if you have collected "NIC PnP" before, you have to collect the "NIC PnP" again. For details, please refer to "Add New Machine into Boot Image".

* If NIC PnP your NIC is not listed here you can manually add the drivers using “Add from INF” function.


8) Once the drivers are integrated to image, you will see prompt “OK!”, just click “OK” button to complete (Figure 8).

Client install finished

Figure 8

9) After this shutdown PC101 and Disable super client on the CCBoot server.

10) Now, image is update to latest version of CCBoot Client Application.