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Multiseat in CCBoot

2017/06/15 03:04

ASTER is a multiseat software for Windows XP/7/8/10.  ASTER is being successfully used not only for equipping of computer classes, libraries, offices and Internet cafes, but even for games and video!

How to install aster in CCBoot client.

1. Enable super client and boot the client.

2. Connect all the peripherals required for multi seat (monitor, keyboard, mouse, graphics cards) then install drivers

3. Download and install the multi seat program aster.

4. Restart the client after installation is done.

5. After the computer turns on, configure the multi seat program, then save it

6. Restart it once and check its working properly

7. Now turn off the client and then save the super client data.

8. Your disk less multi seat setup is ready for your cafe or library or gaming center.


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