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Make VPN connection work in CCBoot client

2019/02/16 11:36

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

Some vpn application when running in diskless client fail to connect to VPN network.

To fix that issue follow the steps below.

Solution 1: For same VPN application, to make then connect properly, you need to change the metric value of the VPN adapter to 1 and your client NIC to more than 1.

1. Open VPN adapter properties, select the "Internet Protocol Version 4" then click on properties, then click on "Advanced" button. Uncheck the "Automatic metric" check box and enter "1" in the text box, then click "OK" button (Figure 1).

setting network metric

Figure 1

2. After this, you can try connect to VPN network, it will connect successfully.

Solution 2:

Some VPN application fail to assign IP address when you try to connect to the VPN network. 

1. Lets take ProtoVPN for example, click on "Quick connect" button to try to connect to VPN network (Figure 2).

vpn quick connect

Figure 2

2. It will try to connect to the VPN network but it will be stuck at "Assigning IP" stage (Figure 3).

assigning ip

Figure 3

3. To solve this, before connecting to the VPN, run the following command in command prompt with administrative privilege (Figure 4).

netsh interface ip set address "Ethernet 2" static

static ip
Figure 4

Note: Depending on the name of then VPN adapter change the "Ethernet 3" to your adapter's name.

Important: If you encounter "Access is denied" error when running the command, then you may need to use a different image or restore any new changes done to group policies.

4. After that, try to connect to the VPN network, it will connect successfully (Figure 5).

success connect

Figure 5

5. If you want to connect to another VPN network, then you need to re run the command once again (Figure 6).

static ip 2

Figure 6

6. Once the command is run, you can connect to another network successfully (Figure 7).

success connect 2

Figure 7


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