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Invalid Hotkey ALT+Tab

2016/07/09 01:16

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

often, when playing games, we use the ALT+Tab hotkey to switch the window, perhaps to check facebook message or skype message or other application. When we do that sometime it is possible that the "Alt + Tab" hotkey fail to work. 

When this happens you can fix this by updating the image in superclient and merging a registry file to the OS

Let's take PC101 for example. 

Follow the instructions below

1) Click this link " to download alt-tab-no-lag.reg file.

2) Copy this file to your usb drive. Now, enable super client on PC101.

3) Boot the PC101.

4) After booting the client PC101 from CCBoot in superclient mode, double click "alt-tab-no-lag.reg" to merge it to the client OS registry.

5) After registry merges, reboot PC101 once and then shutdown client after it fully comes to desktop.

6) Now, disable Superclient and update the image.

The issue with "Alt + Tab" hotkey will not appear anymore.


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