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Activating 3ds max in CCBoot client

2017/07/18 18:41

3ds max checked for the disk serial number or volume id of the disk. Thus, in new version of CCBoot in which by default the disk volume id is automatically made different so to fix it you have to edit the CCBoot settings.

Here is how you can do it.

1. Open the CCBoot folder and the open the CCBoot.ini file (Figure 1).

ccboot settings file

Figure 1

2. Now, in the CCBoot.ini file add "UniqueDiskID=0" line under the [config] line (Figure 2)

3ds max fix

Figure 2

3. Open one client in superclient, install 3ds max and activate it.

4. It will now work on each client that is booted from CCBoot.


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