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Realtek NIC Problem in Win7 x64

2020/01/01 00:49

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If the mainboard of the client is ASUS P8P67-M PRO B3 (This mainboard has integrated the realteck8168 network card), use win7 64 operation system and install the network driver offered by the Realtek. When booting the Win7 64 operation system, it’s possible that blue screen will occur (especially when transferring a great quantity of data, for example, updating games, download and copy).

The solution is as follows:

Use the Realtek8168 network card driver provided by CCBoot website, change realtek network card driver and the concrete operational procedures are as follows:

1) Download file of "".

2) Use the Super user way to boot the client of Realtek (take the example of PC101).

3) Boot the client PC101, copy to the desktop of PC101 and decompress file.

4) Replace the files in the three following folders with the decompressed driver file,




5) After the finish of the substitution, shut the client.

6) Disable super user on the CCBoot server.


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