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Requesting remote support to assist you

2016/11/28 20:34

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

There are many time you are unable to solve some issue that you are facing. And sometime your own technician is not on site or you don't have a technician. Then, don't worry our team is here for you. 

Just install Anydesk and send us the Anydesk address and password to our email

Let us see how to download and install Anydesk and set password for it.

1. Go to and download anydesk, here we have downloaded the anydesk on our desktop (Figure 1)

Anydesk downloaded
Figure 1

2. Now, simply double click the Anydesk application, to run it (Figure 2)

Anydesk run for the first time
Figure 2

3. When you run Anydesk for first time it run in portable mode so its not installed. We need to install it.
4. Click the close button  (X) and you will see install prompt. Click “Yes” to continue ahead (Figure 3)

Anydesk install prompt
Figure 3

5. Now, on the installation tab, click “Accept & Install” button, to install Anydesk (Figure 4).

Anydesk installation
Figure 4

6. It will close the window and open it again to “Welcome” tab, there click “Set up a password now” to setup unattended access password (Figure 5).

Setting password option
Figure 5

7. It will open “Settings” tab. There, check the “Enable unattended access” check box, and enter “ccboot123” as password and click “Set” button (Figure 6)

Set password
Figure 6

8. Once, the password it set it will show “New password was set”. Now, click close to close the “Settings” tab (Figure 7)

Figure 7

9. Now, copy the Anydesk-Address and email it to [email protected] (Figure 8).

Figure 8

Request for remote support directly from CCBoot