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Make Windows 10 boot faster

2018/06/11 21:07

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

Windows 10 is an amazing OS for gamers and has many settings giving every ounce of performance to the games. However, it is loaded with telemetry and unwanted application and services. So here is how you can optimize Windows 10 to make it boot faster in diskless environment and make it more responsive as well. 

1. Download the Optimizer 4.1.exe

2. Boot one of the clients in superclient mode using a  freshly uploaded Windows 10 image to desktop and copy then extract the Optimizer-4.1.exe.

3. Right click the optimizer and then run it as administrator, you will see the main window (Figure 1).

Main UI

Figure 1

4. It will open, on the first tab "Universal" enable all options (Figure 2).

Performance optimization

Figure 2

5. On second tab "Windows 10" also, enable all options (Figure 3).

Windows 10 optimization

Figure 3

6. On the "UWP Apps" table check the Select All check box and click Uninstall to remove all unused Windows 10 Apps (Figure 4)

Removing Windows 10 Apps

Figure 4

7. Removing the Windows apps will take few minutes, once done, it will open a window with list of apps that were not removed, click "OK" to close it (Figure 5)

Windows 10 apps

Figure 5

8. On "Cleaner" tab check the Select All check box and then click "Clean" button (Figure 6)

Cleaning temp files

Figure 6

Note: please do this on a freshly install OS before uploading image.


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