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Client Power Options Optimization

2014/08/25 16:17

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Click "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Power Options" (Figure 1-1).

Client Power Setting

Figure 1‑1

In the pop-up window, click "Change plan settings" (Figure 1-2).

power settings

Figure 1-2

It will pop-up "Chang settings for the plan" window, in the "Turn off the display" combo box, select "Never". In the "Put the computer to sleep" combo box, select "Never" (Figure 1-3).

Client Power Setting

Figure 1‑3

Click "Change advanced power settings" (Figure 1-4).

client power settings

 Figure 1-4

In the pop-up "Power Options" dialogue box, set "Require a password on wakeup" to "No"; set the "Turn off hard disk after" to "Never". Set the "Slide show" to "Paused" (Figure 1-5).

Client Power Setting

Figure 1‑5

Set the "Sleep after" to "Never"; set "Allow wake timers" to "Disable" (Figure 1-6).

Client Power Setting

Figure 1‑6

"Processor power management" is set to the default value (Figure 1-7).

Processor Power Management

Figure 1‑7

Set the "Turn off display after" to "Never"; "Multimedia settings" is set to the default value; and then click "OK" button (Figure 1-8).

Multimedia Settings

Figure 1-8


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