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Virtual Memory Optimization

2014/08/25 16:14

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1) Right-click the "Computer", select "Properties".

2) In the pop-up "System" window, click "Advanced system settings" (Figure 1‑1).

Advanced System Settings

Figure 1‑1

3) In the pop-up "System Properties" dialogue box, click "Advanced" tab, in the "Performance" group, click the "Settings" button (Figure 1‑2).


Figure 1‑2

4) In the pop-up "Performance Options" dialogue box, click "Advanced" tab, and then click "Change" button (Figure 1‑3).


Figure 1‑3

5) In the pop-up "Virtual Memory" dialogue box, uncheck the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" Check box, and then click "OK" button (Figure 1‑4).

Virtual Memory

Figure 1‑4

We have created a video - "Virtual Memory Optimization" (start from about 02:07).


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