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Optimize Client System Restore Point

2013/06/10 11:49

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

1) Right-click "Computer", select "Properties".

2) In the pop-up "System" window, click "Advanced system settings" (Figure 1‑1).

Advanced System Settings

Figure 1‑1

3) In the "System Properties" dialogue box, click "Configure" button, and the click "System Protection" tab (Figure 1‑2).

System Protection

Figure 1‑2

4) In the pop-up "System Protection for WIN7" dialogue box, select the "Turn off system protection" button; click the "Max Usage" slider, drag to the left; the disk space usage is set to the lowest; then click "Delete" button, delete the recovery point, then click "OK " button (Figure 1‑3).

System Protection for WIN7

Figure 1‑3

We have created a video - "Recovery Point Optimization" (start from about 02:49).


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