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Optimize CCBoot server NIC automatically

2017/08/07 12:50

Having an optimized server is really crucial to get great performance at the client PCs. So, with new CCBoot version, you can now auto optimize the server NIC.

1. Install the latest version from our website.

2. Click the tools menu and then choose "Optimize Server NIC" (Figure 1).

Optimize server NIC

Figure 1

3. Now, it will optimize the NIC and ask you to restart, choose "Yes" to continue (Figure 2).

Reboot machine

Figure 2

4. Once the server is restarted, your NIC will be optimized for diskless booting your clients.


Single Server Multi NICs Load Balance

Server Hardware Requirements

Install Apex Legends on CCBoot server.

Install CCBoot Server

CCboot server minimum requirements