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Server and Client Network Optimization

2019/02/21 15:39

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

1.1 Network Properties

1) Click the "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Network and Internet" -> "Network and Sharing Center" ->"Local Area Connection".

2) In the pop-up "Local Area Connection Status" dialogue box, click the "Properties" button (Figure 1‑1).

Local Area Connection Status

Figure 1‑1

3) In the pop-up "Local Area Connection Properties" dialogue box, only retain the "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)", and uninstall other services and protocols (Figure 1‑2).

Local Area Connection Properties

Figure 1‑2

1.2 Network Card Properties

4) In the "Local Area Connection Properties" dialogue box, click the "Configure" button (Figure 1‑3).


Figure 1‑3

5) In the pop-up dialogue box, select the "Advanced" tab, close the function of EEE, WOL, Green Ethernet, Jumbo frame, Offloadlargesend, Flow Control, OffloadChksum, automatically shut down the PCIe, and automatically shut down the PHY (Figure 1‑4).


Figure 1‑4

6) Choose "connection speed and duplex mode" to "automatic inspection". Please refer to the following form for detailed settings.



Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


TCP/IP  partial load option

Partial load receiving ChecksumRxIp

Recommend closing

Partial load receiving ChecksumRxTcp

Recommend closing

Partial load  conveying ChecksumTxTcp

Recommend closing

 Partial load                TcpSegmentation

Recommend closing

 Partial load  conveying                   ChecksumTxIP

Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing


Recommend closing

We have created a video - "NIC Optimization" (start from about 05:44).

Note:Its enough to just disable flow control in NIC properties. But depending on requirement you can disable other options as mentioned above.

Note: Most of the modifications of network card properties are under the circumstance of diskless. If you can't modify the information in diskless situation, please try to modify with disks being attached. Besides, if you failed to disable flow control on the client side even with Super Client on Device Manager, we recommend modifying before uploading image. If you have multiple specs, you need to modify every network adapter before uploading image. If the network adapter type is the same, just need to disable the flow control once.

1.3 Network Teaming

If you have more than 1 NIC on the server, we recommend teaming them so you will get the maximum throughput from your server to clients. When teaming choose "Adaptive Load Balancing" to use all available network bandwidth,


Single server multi NICs load balance

Network Requirements

Setup your network for CCBoot

Avoid Network Disconnection

Enable printer and network discovery in client.