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Network Requirements

2019/09/30 08:57

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

For better performance, we recommend Gigabit network environment (Server & Client NICs and Switches).

  1. Normal or advanced router is OK. It only affects the Internet speed. But most routers has build-in DHCP service. It will be conflict with CCBoot DHCP service. You have to disable the DHCP service on the router.
  2. Switch should be 1Gbps speed. If the switch is smart switch, you need to disable "flow control" option in the switch settings. This option will reduce the diskless boot speed. We recommend CISCO and HUAWEI switch.
  3. CAT-5, CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable are all supported. But we recommend you to use CAT-5e and CAT-6 cable. CAT-5 cable has "far end crosstalk" problem and it will cause packet loss.
  4. Unmanaged network switch, "Tp-link, Toto-link, Pro-link, D-link" these network switch are plug in play no configuration required 
  5. Routers with QoS function available, it will permit you use bandwidth monitor to check for the download currently active on the specific system.

Single server multi NICs load balance

Server and Client Network Optimization

Setup your network for CCBoot

Avoid Network Disconnection

Enable printer and network discovery in client.