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Differences of CCBoot Solution and VDI Mode

2014/07/09 16:46

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What is the difference between CCBoot as a solution and the Citrix N-series thin clients?


Citrix solution adopts the VDI mode, which is a Remote Desktop mode that all applications are running on the server, the client is equivalent to be the remote control desktop, and the server acts as a virtual machine of the client remote control the server. But for CCBoot, all applications are actually running on the client. The differences are:

1) Citrix (VDI mode) has higher requirements on the server.

2) For Citrix, the client system is not actually running on the local machine, instead, it is running on the server's virtual machine.

Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft solutions all adopt the VDI mode. VDI mode can be useful, but it is not always the solution, it is running on the server's virtual machine, which is hard to get the real expriences on the clients. Besides, there may be a number of configurations, and probably application loadings aren't work or poorly performing on VMWare. VMWare produces 20% of a raw system's performance, but unique device connected to the system cannot be accessed through VMWare (VDI mode).