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Verify epic games

Follow the steps below to verify epic games:

  1.  Use executable file “\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win64\EpicGamesLauncher.exe”.
  2.  If the game is already downloaded and the launcher shows an "Install" button. Just click the “Install” button and start installation to the folder where you want to install the game. Remember you cannot select the folder where the game was installed before, but you can rename the game folder before start installation.
  3.  After 10-20 second when downloading has started, pause and cancel the installation.
  4.  Open the game folder and cut the folder “.egstore”.
  5.  Open the game folder where games were installed before and delete the folder “.egstore” and paste the “.egstore” folder.
  6.  Delete the folder where your Epic launcher started installation and rename the old game folder to the same folder.
  7.  Resume the game on Epic launcher and verification will start.

Note: You can also use the GTA-V files from Steam.