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Reduce lag caused by Fortnite

Issue 1: Clients in the network lag when Fortnite games are played in some clients.

Cause: The cause of the lag comes when Fortnite is reading game data; it uses up all the network bandwidth.

if more clients are playing Fortnite, then more lag it creates on other clients.


1. Add more client cache for your clients - normally for 8GB clients we recommend 1024 MB cache, if you have Fortnite games played often, then increase it up to 2048 MB.

2. Add more NIC on the server - adding additional NIC on the server and teaming them will allow clients to have more bandwidth to use. This helps to reduce load on the network, as a result the client lag is reduced.

Notes: For 10-20 PCs cafe/center, 2 NIC on the server need to be teamed. For more information on teaming, please refer our wiki Team your NICs on CCBoot Server

Thank you Mohamed, for confirming the reduction on client lag, after teaming the 2 NIC.

Issue 2: lagging due to FPS


Follow the steps below to avoid lagging due to FPS.

Step 1: Enable Super Client  mode for a PC.

Step 2: Login to Fortnite and go to settings.

Step 3: Set frame rate limit to 60 and set quality to Epic (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Step 4: Save the image.