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  1. Find the "Temp" folder for the emulator on your computer.
  2. Look in the C, D, or E drives.Delete this folder.
  3. The "Temp" folder might be big because it holds temporary emulator files.
  4. Search for it in all drives (C, D, E), usually it's the first folder.
  5. Download the Twitter app from this link
  6. Temporarily turn off any protection like black images.
  7. Fully close the emulator.
  8. Restart the emulator.
  9. Open the emulator and click on the button with three lines.
  10. Choose "LOCAL APK INSTALLATION" from the menu.
  11. Find the Twitter app you downloaded earlier and select it.
  12. Follow each step carefully.
  13. If you're stuck, feel free to ask for help.
  14. You can use the "Total Commander" app to quickly find and delete the "Temp" folder.
  15. You can get the latest version of the Twitter app from the "apkpure" app.