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Problem with League of Legends

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I have an issue about League of Legends, it won't let people login, and it is something about server certificate authentication error.


If you have set a manual IP when you made the image on the client, please change it to "Obtain an IP address automatically", and only change the DNS server address in that client "Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties" dialog box. Then, update the image.

Thank you Ethan Judd for reporting this problem and providing this solution.

Issue: League of Legends is constantly crashing.

Sometime after the start of the game, an error appears: “League of Legends Client has stopped working” and the game closes.


Disable GeForce overlay.

Thank you Mark Afable for reporting this problem and providing the solution as well.


When a user tries to run League of Legends, it says "d3d9x_39.dll is missing".


Install DirectX 9 June 2010