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Client local writeback cache

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Local writeback cache utilizes the SSD on the client PC to store cached data locally. This improves performance by reducing reliance on server resources for write operations.

  1. To activate local writeback, simply check the designated option in the client's edit settings.(Figure 1)

Figure 1

  1. For this option to function properly, ensure the writeback disk is SSD or NVME, formatted in 32k, and configured as a single partition. Failure to adhere to these specifications may result in client restarts or freezing issues.

  1. Enabling local writeback helps lessen the load on the server's writeback disk.

  1. It's fine if your local writeback file shows a size of 0 in Explorer, you can check the correct size in the file properties.

  1. CCBootClient will use the first disk on the client side for local writeback , if you have other disk remove them.

  1. Do not use any faulty or outdated SSDs or HDDs for writeback purposes.