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Client local writeback cache

To enable local writeback using the client's HDD/SSD, just check this option in client's edit option (Figure 1).

Figure 1


1.Your local HDD/SSD need to be formatted for this option to work.

2. Writeback in local HDD is used when you have an HDD/SSD on your client but want to boot from CCBoot and do not want to use local HDD for OS or games. This helps to reduce load on the writeback disk on the server as well.

3.  If you use the local writeback function you anyway should have at least one disk for writeback on the server-side 120-250GB, because until the client PC is not booted it will use writeback on the server-side.

4. It is ok if your local writeback file has 0 size in explorer. You can open properties to see the right size.

5. CCBootClient will use the first disk on the client side for local writeback.

Important : Before you enable the local writeback function, make sure that you have HDD/SSD in your client PC; it has only one partition and is formatted in a 32K Allocation unit. Else you may experience client restart or freezing.