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Client cache

Client cache is simply RAM cache for client PC which uses client's RAM to cache read/write data. When the client cache gets full, it will be flushed to the server as writeback data to the writeback disk. In this way, client cache provides better performance for the diskless client and also reduces the load on server writeback disk.

Steps to enable client cache:

  1. Go to the boot page from CP of iCafeCloud and Computers page respectively. Then right click on the PC and select “Edit pc” (Figure 1).

Figure 2

  1. Check the checkbox "Enable Cache". You can either select using the drop-down menu or enter value manually and click on the “Ok” button (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Please refer to the following table.

Client Physical RAM

Client Cache

1 GB

256 MB

2 GB

384 MB

4 GB

512 MB

8 GB

1024 MB

16 GB

2048 MB



  1. You can set Client local cache to auto; this will automatically set the local cache based on the amount of RAM available. This also gives you a slight boost in boot speed as well as client performance.
  2.  If you have more than 16GB RAM in client then you can set 2048 MB or set it to auto. Any lower, do not use auto in Client Cache.