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Super client

If you want to make some changes on client OS or on game disk from client side, you can use the option “Enable super client”.


  1. Before you enable super clients for any computer, please make sure that you have enough space free in the "Image Disk". To be safe, have at least 10-20 GB free.

  1. When you disable super clients but your changes are not saving, then you need to unmount any virtual hard disk attached to the server.

The issue is caused when you accidentally mounted the image file on the server but did not unmount it from the disk management.

  1. Some games require graphics drivers to be installed before you are able to run the game installer. So, make sure the graphics drivers are installed first
  2. On super client mode, we recommend to use incognito mode only on browsers or if you do not use incognito mode, clean history and cookies before saving changes on image.
  3. Before saving the changes in the image, reboot the client once and check if it is booting properly. If you have installed drivers or other apps, it may cause issues on booting or BSOD.

Taking the client PC101 as an example, the operation steps are as follows:

Note: When you have placed the client in super client mode, the client cache will be disabled and will not be enabled until you have disabled super client and saved the image and booted the client in normal mode

  1. Go to the boot page from CP of iCafeCloud and Computers page respectively. Then right click on the PC and select “Enable superclient” (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  1. In the pop-up "CCBoot Select Disk" dialogue box, tick the disks you want to update and then click OK (Figure 2).

Note:  Only check the image disk if you want to make changes to the boot image. And tick the game disk as well if you want to install/update games from the client PC.

Figure 2

  1. After you have selected the disks and clicked ok the client name will change to red(Figure 3).

Figure 3

  1. After you have selected the disks, boot the client and install/update it. After you are finished shutdown the client.

  1. On the server right click the client “PC101” and choose ”Disable Super Client” Option (Figure 4).

Figure 4

  1. Enter the description and click on the “Ok” button (Figure 5).

Figure 5


  1. Enabling the Super Client on Game Disk in the client PCs is not recommended, this is prone to affect with the virus. Since some of the customers are inserting a USB flash drive on the client PC, hence you have to avoid it.

But if you still wanted to Super Client the Game Disk always, We recommend preparing separate PC just for the game update purposes and then follow this method CCBoot Used As Virtual Disk         erver

  1.  If the game icons are not showing up properly then please re configure the server and re set the SSD cache once to make the icons.

  1.  If you have placed any client PC in superclient, then other clients may experience slow loading of games as well as boot time increased. To fix it, finish super client and disabled it as soon.

  1. Please note that when you have to put a game disk in super client mode, it will be locked in the server to prevent the content from being changed. Which may lead to the game file getting corrupted. Once you are done with the super client and have disabled it, the game disk will be accessible on server once again.
  2. If you cannot enable superclient for game disk, check if it is not used by pagefile and please use the system disk for pagefile.