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Synchronize multiple CCBoot servers

2018/03/17 22:11

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

There are many cafes or gaming center running multiple CCBoot server for load balance and it's a given that keeping them synchronized manually is a somewhat less easy. So, Now with new CCBoot version 20170316 we bring it right to CCBoot. In version 20180305 we have optimized the Image sync function to be seamless and faster.

So, how do we do it. Let's start with images.

1. Right click on the image and click "Sync To" option (Figure 1).

Sync To

Figure 1

2. On the "CCBoot Server Data Synchronize" window, enter the "Target Server" ip address and its password, then click "OK" (Figure 2).

target server ip and password

Figure 2

Note: The target server is the server that you want to synchronize the image to. Make sure you have set the password for the server, if not, it will not synchronize. 

3. Now, the synchronization will start (Figure 3).

synchronizing data

Figure 3

Note: This will take some time to finish as the files will be copied from current server to target server.

4. Once the synchronization is complete, it will show status message. CLick "Exit" to close the windows (Figure 4).

synchronization completed

Figure 4

5. Check the "Target Server" image disk, it will have the "Image" that you synchronized (Figure 5)

target server's image disk

Figure 5

6. As well as in the target server's "Image Manager", it will have a new image listed  (Figure 6).

target server's image manager

Figure 6

7. To synchronize the clients settings and information, right click the "Client Manager" on the right pane and choose "Sync To" (FIgure 7).

sync to client settings

Figure 7

8. Repeat step 2 to step 4 and once, done the client settings will be synchronized to the target server (Figure 8).

target server's client manager

Figure 8

9. With this you can sync data back and forth your server and keep them synchronized.


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