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Script for Connecting to CCBoot ISCSI Target

2016/07/16 01:52

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

Suppose your client PCs boot with HDD, and you only use CCBoot as iSCSI target to let clients connect to the server automatically and fix the iscsi disk drive letter, please download "auto connect iscsi disk batch file" from CCBoot Download Center and run it at the client. You need to change the parameters in the script before you run it.

Note: If you have multiple game disks, like D, E, F, you can download the batch file from Anyway, you can modify the script according to your own needs.

If you use CCBoot for diskless boot, you do not have to install that file to modify the drive letter, because in new version of CCBoot, you can set driver letter for client, in the disk manager.

Refer "Disk Management" to setup game disk and driver letter.

Thanks for Selçuk DERE reporting and providing this solution.


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