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Basic Settings

2016/05/10 22:03

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

In the CCBoot main interface "Tools" menu, click "Options".

Basic Settings 1

 Figure 1

Will pop up "CCBoot Options" dialog box.

Basic Settings 2

 Figure 2

Start iSCSI: ISCSI service is enabled, and whether or not to provide a virtual disk service.

iSCSI Port: The iSCSI default ports is port 3260.

Auto Add Client: You are allowed to automatically add client.

Default User Template: Configure first all the parameters for a client, as a success or to add client default settings.

Computer Name Prefix: Set the prefix computer name.

iSCSI Target Name: It's iSCSI target name for iSCSI connection. Keep it with default value. There is no need to change.

Run Batch Command at Client: Setting up a client operating system startup, programs to run automatically, click on the ">>" button to edit it.

Login With Domain: Allow client to Login to domain automatically to specified domain in the box.

Auto Reboot the Largest Write-back Data client: Reboots the client with largest writeback data when the writeback disk is about to be full.

Save Log to File: If checked, CCBoot stores the log files in the logs folder for specified number of days.

Auto Check Update: If checked, checks for new versions available for download from our servers.

Boot Time Out: The value in seconds for multi boot scenario.


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