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DHCP Settings

2016/05/10 22:05

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"DHCP Settings" Dialog Box.

 DHCP Settings

Figure 1

Using CCBoot DHCP, Start TFTP, Start Proxy DHCP: To activate the DHCP and TFTP services for use CCBoot Clients.

DHCP Server IP: Specifies the CCBoot Server IP address.

IP Allocated Start: Specifies the starting IP address. DHCP service will allocate the client IP address from this IP address.

IP Allocated End: Specifies the end IP address. DHCP service will allocate the client IP address that end to this IP address.

IP Mask, Gateway, DNS Address 1, and DNS Address 2: Specifies the client IP Mask, Getway, DNS addresses. The DHCP service will automatically apply these settings to all diskless clients.If your DNS address more than three can be separated by a semicolon, write in the edit box.

Scan DHCP: To Scan LAN and check if there’s other device running DHCP service.

Language: To change language of CCBoot UI to selected language.

Update Language: Activates the selected language.

Help to Translate: Allow you to contribute to translation of CCBoot UI text in native language.


Client Failed to Access to the Internet

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