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Reset SSD cache

2018/10/30 00:38

1. Check the current SSD cache value and note it down (Figure 1)

SSD cache

Figure 1

2. Double click the game disk to open "Disk" dialog box, then change "SSD cache" value to 0 and then click on "OK" button (Figure 2).

Cache setting to 0

Figure 2

3. The cache will be deleted (unset) now (Figure 3).

SSD cache set to 0

Figure 3

4. Now, double click the game disk and set the "SSD cache" value to previous value and then click "OK" button (Figure 4).

SSD cache restoring to previous

Figure 4

5. You have successfully resetted the SSD cache for the game disk.

SSD cache resetted

Figure 5


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