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SSD cache always idle

2018/11/13 15:33

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki

In CCBoot, SSD cache is used for game disk to cache game files so that client cache read game files faster.

But for some reason SSD cache is always idle 100%.

The reason for this is, CCBoot has RAM cache and SSD cache for the game disk.

And for SSD cache to start working, the RAM cache need to be fully used up.

Example. If your have set 10GB RAM cache for game disk and 100 GB SSD cache, then the game disk needs to cache 10GB game files in RAM cache before SSD cache starts to cache the file.

Please note, SSD cache doesnot reset when you restart the CCBoot server, but RAM cache for game disk gets reset.

So, if you reset your server often then the RAM cache needs to cache files first before it start caching to SSD cache again.

When clients read files from the server, if the file is cached to RAM cache, then it will read from it and if its not in RAM cache, it will look in the SSD cache

and if the file is not cached in SSD cache, then it will read from the disk and cache it to RAM cache.

This, if you see the SSD cache idle 100% mostly, then check the SSD cache disk and look for cachex file and its modified date.

If the modified date is recent or few minute earlier, then the cache is working properly. But if the modified date is very old or few days ago

then Reset the SSD cache once, it should start working again properly


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