CCBoot Wiki Disk Manager

  1. CCBoot support ReFS disks
  2. Disk Management
  3. Server Cache Settings
  4. SSD cache always idle
  5. Use of Personal Disk
  6. How to Check Whether the HDD Is 4K Aligned
  7. How to Solve Write-back Disk almost Full
  8. Restore Point Management
  9. VHD and VHDX
  10. GPT and MBR Disk Partition
  11. CCBoot Game Disk Supports 64T
  12. CCBoot Used As Virtual Disk Game Server
  13. Mount and Unmount Images
  14. How to boot ISO files using CCBoot
  15. Adding or replacing new disk to CCBoot Server
  16. Setting game disk in CCBoot disk manager
  17. Game Disk RAID 0 setup
  18. Difference between sata 2 and 3