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2016/07/28 01:12

Notice: This wiki is for the old version CCBoot. Please click HERE to access the new version wiki


Client Menu

Figure 1

Create Group: Allows you to create Client group for the clients.

Edit Group: Allows you to change the name and description of the Group

Delete Group: Deletes the selected Client Group

Add Client: Add client.

Edit Client: Edit the selected client.

Delete Client: Delete the selected one or more clients.

Enable Super Client: Allow you to put client in Super Client mode and make changes which can be saved when mode is disabled.

Disable Super Client: Disables Super Client mode and allow you to save the changes to the image.

Refresh Client Info: Refreshes Client information in the columns which are not showing.

Copy Client Info: Copies the selected client’s information to use for making CSV or other use.

Auto Scan: To Scan the client "Start IP" and "End IP" and to automatically add the client list.

Wake on LAN: The Server can remotely wake up the selected Client/s.

Shutdown: ->

Shutdown: Shuts down the selected client PC/s

Reboot: Reboots the selected Client PC/s

Log Off: Logs Off the selected Client PC/s

Magic Shutdown: Put the selected Client PC/s to sleep mode like state, clients can be woken from this state using Wake on LAN command.

Remote Control:->

Remote Control: Allow you to remote control yoru client through VND

Remote Monitor: Allows you to remotely monitor your client’s usage without hindering their experience

Delete Write-back: Clear the client "Write-Back File".

Open Write-back Path: To show the client Write-Back drive location.

Delete All Write-back: Clear all Client Write-Back File.

Auto Allocate Boot Server: Intelligently assigns automatically the Boot server IP for all clients.