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Using super image to boot clients

2020/01/07 22:10

if you have any issue uploading image or have issue with uploaded image, then download our super image and use it to test your client PC boot. This is quick and fast way to test all clients boot.

Important: If you experience client PC hang after booting to desktop then please enable superclient and boot the client once and let it install detected driver.

Note: If the NIC is not showing up in the network sharing center after client boots, then enable client in super client mode and boot it fully to desktop and then restart once. After restart the client will show the NIC on the network sharing center.

The freezing occurs when its trying to install drivers for your clients this doing a quick superclient will fix this issue.

Here are the torrent magnet URLs for super images

Windows 10 Build 1809 Pro - CCBoot build 20190605

In case if you can't download image from google drive use this Magnet-link (utorrent should be installed)

Windows 10 Build 1803 Education - CCBoot build 20180506 - Optimized Windows 10 Education Build 1803

Windows 10 Build 1803 Professional - CCBoot build 20180411

Windows 7 64 Bit Professional - CCBoot build 20161020

UEFI superimage

Windows 10 build 1809 CCBoot 2019 build 0917

In case if you can't download image from google drive use this Magnet-link (utorrent should be installed)

Note: If you encounter, that client doesnot have internet then, super client the image and change the default gateway in the image to match your router IP address.

1. Click the link for the image you want to download and wait for the download to complete.

2. Right click the downloaded file and extract it (Figure 1).

extract image

Figure 1

3. You will get a virtual hard disk file (vhd) file, more the file to your image disk (Figure 2).

image file

Figure 2

4. Now, add the image in the CCBoot Image Manager (Figure 3)

adding image

Figure 3

5. Now the image is added to the Image Manager, you can not assign it to your clients and boot (Figure 4).

image added

Figure 4

6. In new version CCBoot 2017 Build 0120, the added image will be auto assigned to the clients (Figure 5)

image auto assigned in new verison ccboot

Figure 5

6. Now, boot your client PCs and see if they have any issue booting. Refer Client Diskless Boot Failed to troubleshoot the boot issue. 

7. If client PC still has any issue booting, then contact us at to get support or send remote request using CCBoot Remote Me function.


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