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Update games on server safely

2017/03/30 22:02

When you have clients running and update comes for games, its better to update on server and then let the clients restart once to get the games. However, we strongly recommend not playing any games on server.

To updates games safely on server do the following:

1. Open the game client - steam, battlenet

2. Check if the game has updates.

a. In steam, if the game has update, it will show "Update Required" on the right of game name.

b. In Battlenet, if the game has update, it will show "Update" button instead of "Play".

3. If the game has update, then update it.

4. Once the update has completed. Restart the clients once to get the new updates.

Notes: If the update is small (example 10-20MB) then its better to allow clients to update by themselves if its big update, then update it on server.


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