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How to Migrate or Change Server?

2016/05/16 12:50

Sometimes, we need to change server due to many reasons such as hardware upgrade or hardware failure problem of the server. If the server is non-bootable then our settings are lost. Hence, we need to make backup of our settings and restore it if we ever change server.

How to backup CCBoot server settings?

1)     Make backup “db.xml”and “CCBoot.ini” file inside “C:\CCBoot” folder.

2)     Also make backup the boot images. Before making any backups of images, we recommend you to merge all the recovery points to the images before.

3)     If you want to keep the restore points of the boot images, please export the restore points first. For more details, please refer to "Restore Point Management". Notes, if you have multiple images with restore points, you need to export the restore points multiple times.

How to restore CCBoot server settings?

1)     After install CCBoot server in the new server, copy and paste the “db.xml” and “CCBoot.ini” files from the backup media to CCBoot Server installation folder.

2)     Once copied, close CCBoot UI and re open it again.

3)     Copy back the boot images from the backup media to the same path as the old server.

4)     If the images have restore points, please import the restore points files from the backup. For more details, please refer to "Restore Point Management".


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